pension credit and RO referral

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    Help! We have just had a brand new claim in from a private tenant pensioner.He has provided evidence of his rent which increased in January 2004.
    All well and good except we have discovered he has been awarded GPC from October 2003.
    So, how do we refer this to the Rent Officer? We can not use the Jan 04 rent because we want the claim to start in October 03.But if we use the rent as it was in October 03 we wouldn’t be able to refer the rent increase until after 52 weeks had passed.
    I know we can always suggest to the claimant he applies for DHP. but is there another way around this? Has anyone else come up against this one?


    I would refer the rent at the level it was at the time the claim was received and only pay HB up to the level of the old rent until it increased and then incraese it to the new rent. So as long as the date you reveived his claim was after the RI you should be able to get around this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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