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    We have a claiment who, on appeal, has been awarded pension credit back to 2005. He now wants council tax benefit back to this date (he has not claimed CTB before). Any comments appreciated.


    What do [i:26d687d963]you [/i:26d687d963]think? Is there anything that makes this issue more difficult than your post suggests?

    Kevin D

    Like tonibee, I’m just wondering what the catch is. But, at face value, there are two options (the first assumes PC includes some element of [b:e2729991e2]guaranteed[/b:e2729991e2] credit) :

    1) Was the HB/CTB claim made within one month of the [b:e2729991e2]claim[/b:e2729991e2] for PC(G)? If yes, HB/CTB starts from the Monday after the first day of PC(G) entitlement (assuming it’s not a “week one” case). If this goes back less than one year, see “2” below.

    2) “Auto backdating” is available for up to one year, as normal (good cause not needed).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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