Pension Credit Ending

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    I am updating our PC input procedures but I have managed to confuse myself.
    Before PC were launched we had training from an external trainer. In the notes she provided it states that if GC or SC end we cannot suspend the HB / CTB claim immediately and request further info. The notes state that we must write out for further information and we can only suspend if after 28 days the claimant has failed to provide information. Is this correct? I’ve been through all of the paper work and notes I have but I cannot find details of the legislation to back this up.

    The notes also suggest that where a claimant who falls under the PC regs has [u:393d35bd7b]any[/u:393d35bd7b] change in their circs we cannot immediatley suspend the claim even if we know it will cause an overpayment. Again we have to give them 28 days before we can suspend.

    Does any of this sound familiar to anyone and can you tell me which regs it comes under.

    Many thanks


    First time I’ve heard of that one, I must admit.
    We would take the change made as from the Monday of the Benefit Week in which PC changes, suspend, and write out for further information as to income. (HB regs 60+ 36(8 ))
    Idon’t think I’ve come accross anything that gives four weeks grace. 8)

    There again I have been known to be wrong! 😳


    this thread will be useful to the second part:

    In the first part I think you should suspend immediately under reg 11 of the Decisions & Appeal regs


    This is only off the top of my head and I could be wrong.

    I seem to remember when Pension Credits were first introduced that if a customer reached pension age and their JSA/IS stopped we should continue paying them for 28 days based on IS/JSA. This was to give the PS time to notify us of any PC entitlement. (Reg 62 something rings a bell for some reason)

    I’ve not had chance to check the regs so I don’t know if is still the case or if this is what you are thinking of.


    Thanks for the responses.
    There is a reg which states that if a cl moves from IS/JSA to PC we only take the PC in to account from 4 weeks after the IS / JSA end date (Reg 62B)
    But where PC ends I think we will go down the line of suspending from the outset to prevent any overpayment.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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