Pension Credit meeting with London LA’s to discuss the SLA

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    I pointed out on this site a few months ago that the model SLA with the Pension Service contains a number of items that must be agreed locally. Also, if you are dealing with more than one Pension Centre, you will need to agree and sign individual SLA’s with each (Camden deals with Newcastle, Glasgow and Dundee). London has a one-day event tomorrow to clarify these issues (kindly arranged and funded by the Pension Service).

    I know that SLA’s hardly set the pulse racing but bearing in mind that LA’s have to use the AIF provided, this is perhaps one of the more important. There appear to be large number of discrepancies between AIF and the info already held.

    So if you have just signed the model document without actually agreeing the local issues as required, may I respectfully suggest that you dig it out and have another look at it now (before you get visited by the BFI!)?

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