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    we introduced a procedure to speed up processing of HB / CTB claims for pensioners on Pension credit

    the Pension Service VO (very skilled) carries out a visit and brings back info for HB / CTB. If all info is available for processing pension credit award they complete a form using their own benefits calculator. We get a shortened form and print out of the pension credit award estimate. They then send their forms for processing.

    Due to the backlogs in their assessment centres (upto 8 weeks) we felt we could use their calculator sheet as a “decision” and get HB / CTB into payment. If subsequently the ETD / CIS showed a change in the award that wasn’t as a result of the customer failing to advise or declare information, we would action the change but from the date we were advised thereby preventing any overpayment occuring (in the spirit of the regs!) – the pension service, whilst initially supportive of the approach have suggested that as the VOs are not “decision makers” we should not action the claims until we have an ETD.

    Would other sites support our approach or agree that we should wait for the ETD when in reality we have yet to see an ETD come back with a different award from the VOs initial calculation?


    I really like the idea of the scheme you have set up, if it works and speeds up processing times whilst maintaining accuracy then great.

    If the PS are now unhappy with you using preliminary PC awards you could always set the claim up on the verified income and capital details and then revise/supercede accordingly when the ETD showing the PC award is received.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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