Pensioner date of claim LHA rate

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    paul southam


    We have a pensioner who has claimed 15 Sep 10. Possible to pay this back 3 months to 15 June 10, however we only have info to pay for now from 7 Oct 10.

    What is the date of claim? 15 June?

    Then what is the LHA rate we should be using? June or Oct (Oct being date we can currently pay from, and amend to June if we pay from then)?


    Ah, a useful DWP circular coming up…….A19/2010….. alas no it’s not! It only kicked in from Monday 01/11/10. 😆

    Guess, your claim date/LHA rate is 15/06/10 and entitlement commences 07/10//10, how you get your software to do that is another matter.

    Andy Thurman

    From your post, the date of claim will be 15 Sept. This will be the case whether you can pay from June or October! The 3 month ‘take-on’ period does not affect the date of claim – it allows payment prior to it.

    If paying from Oct 7th (midweek date??) then the claim is treated as made (under ‘advance claim rules’) in the week before entitlement begins. This “treated as made” date will govern LHA rate.

    If you later revise and pay from June, the June LHA rate will then replace the October rate used.

    How you enter it, of course, will vary dependent on software.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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