Pensioner – late notification of change of address

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    If a pensioner fails to notify a change of address within a month, & then submits a new claim form for the new address, does the three month rule apply where we go back, (which would cover ‘the break’ in the benefit!)?


    There would be no gap – just a shortfall for those three months if the rent at the new address is higher.

    I doubt you could deal with this as a restrospective withdrawal / new claim a la LHA since you’ve probably already paid HB for the old address up to now. The claimant can’t abstain from receiving something which they’ve already had.

    I would look into the claimant’s reasons for the delay notifying you.

    Andy Thurman

    Michael is right – I all too frequently come across cases where there is a gap in entitlement/new claim with backdate to consider because of a late notified move.

    If the new rent is lower, this is an ordinary disadvantageous change & an overpayment should be raised for the difference paid.

    If the new rent is higher, it won’t kick in until the date notified unless “special circs” established but HB can continue at the old address rate.

    (For CTB and council tenants, the late reporting has no impact at all – new rate always picked up from date of move.)

    chris harvey

    I have also come across numerous queries relating to this area, there appears to be a widespread misunderstanding that a change of address within the authority is just a normal change of circs no matter how late the notification. You just need to apply the advantageous change rules where the benefit is higher at the new address so you just pay the difference.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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