Pensioner or working age?? Backdate or not??

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    Jo Gregory

    Claimant turned 60 on 25.05.10.
    Date of first contact with Pension Service – 27.05.10
    Pensioner CTB claim form received in our office on 01.07.10
    Claimant qualified for Pension Credit age on 06.07.10
    Pension Credit awarded from 10.07.10
    Backdating request received 13.08.10.

    At the moment, we have awarded CTB from 27.05.10 (date of first contact). However, the claim for CTB was made BEFORE the claimant reached qualifying age for State Pension Credit. When the claim was made the claimant did not ask for it to be backdated, this was because there was not a question/space on pensioner claim form for backdating.

    As we have received a backdated request AFTER the claimant reached qualifying age for State pension credit, can we still consider ‘backdating for 6 months’ as when the claim was made he was treated as ‘working age’?

    Hope this makes sense. I feel sorry for the guy as if he had known he would have asked for his claim to be backdated on the orignal form.

    Please help 😳


    The following thread my help:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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