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    Help please!
    A pensioner claim was made in April 2005 and put in payment from the same time. No take on was applied because the claim form had a London address as her previous home. We have now received an application form asking for CTB to be backdated to November 2004 at a previous address in our area.
    Apparently our lady moved from London in 2004, stayed with various relatives and then went into a private rented home in November 2004 before moving to the address we are currently paying in April 2005. Her family paid her rent in the private rented home and the only reason that she is now claiming for CTB is because she has only recently received notification that she was liable for CTAX at her previous address.
    She thought CTAX was included in the rent but the letting agent gave our CTAX section her details sometime after she left in April 2005. They then issued bills to that address, knowing no other, and it is only this summer that they have tracked her down. Basically she only found out that she was liable at her previous address for the period November 2004-April 2005 in July this year.
    Our dilemma is do we go back to November 2004? We know we can’t backdate for more than 52 weeks but is there a time limit for applying take on? Had she put her previous address on her original application received in April 2005 we would have applied the take on period but we are now almost 2 years on. I cannot find any reference to a time limit for applying a take on period.
    Is it relevant that she didn’t give us the correct info at the time?
    She states that the reason for the London address being put on the original app was that it was her last ‘permanent’ address. She does not want to claim HB at the private rented property, just CTB because of the fact she now knows she has a liability. As soon as she received the bill she contacted our CTAX section to question liability and it has taken them a few months to convince her that it is correct and they then sent her the form to claim CTB.
    Sorry for the long posting but I wanted you to have all the info.
    Any advice would be gratefully received. 😀

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