Pensioners- duty to report Changes in Circs

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    Hello folks,

    Wonder if anyone can advise.

    At our LA we have our own application form for HB/CTB. It was updated in April 05 because of the changes regarding the income/capital of children. (ie income and capital of dependant children was to be ingnored from April 05). At the same time rules were brought in such that Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit were to be ignored in Pensioner cases.

    We had a section on our form about Changes of circs, which told claimants the main changes they were duty bound to report. The Change of Circs section told pensioners on Savings Credit they should report changes to Child Benefit and changes to CTC.

    Because (we thought) these changes were no longer relevant from April 05, we deleted the bit in our Change of Circs section telling Savings Credit pensioners to report changes in CTC and Child Benefit.

    However i have just had the 2005/06 CPAG book delivered and have noticed that Reg 65 of the CTB regs has not altered in respect of this. In other words it still talks of these pensioners having a duty to notify us of changes to their CTC and their Child Benefit.

    So obviously we have been wrong to amend the Change of Circs section of our HB/CTB claim form.

    Can anyone advise if these “Duty to Notify Change of Circs” are likely to be altered to remove these references? Or should we be altering our claim form back as soon as possible to include the references to Child Benefit and CTC???


    see paragraph 36 of A19/2005 – think that may cover it


    Thanks for that JUnderwood

    A19/2005 does not have a para 36!!

    But i’ve assumed you mean A18. Checked out para 36 and you are spot on!!!

    So thanks very much for your help!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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