pensioners with non deps

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    if a non dep moves into a property where the claimant is 65, the non dep deduction is delayed for 26 weeks . does the claimant get the two bed rate as soon as the non dep moves into the property? as the delayed reg is only due to the non dep charge , I assume the reduction to the 1 bed rate would occur when the non dep moves out even though the reduction in the room rate will be more than the non dep deduction


    I’d agree with you.

    At the moment if a non-dep moved in you would re-refer the rent so I don’t see any reason not to apply the LHA rate (and then the ndd 26 weeks later)


    The superseding decision for an extra room would be as a consequence of Reg 13C (2)(d) (i) “notification of a change of a kind which affects the category of dwelling” which works independently of SPC Reg 59 (10) to (13) and so would have a different effective date.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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