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    We are looking to improve the ways we manage performance of benefit assessment officers.

    At the moment, we have plenty of data available on the [b:8ba2748480]quantity[/b:8ba2748480] of work being produced (e.g. how many claims assessed, how many phone calls answered, etc). However, we are finding it difficult to get data on the [b:8ba2748480]quality [/b:8ba2748480]of work (e.g. amount of errors made, quality of assessments, quality of letters written, quality of advice given to customers).

    This makes it difficult to manage performance on quality. Staff are not getting meaningful feedback on the quality of work they produce, and training needs are not effectively being identified.

    The obvious answer is to do lots and lots of management checks on their work, but this is very resource intensive (and in truth, we probably don’t have sufficient resources at the moment).

    Has anyone else had similar problems? If you have, what have you done to overcome it? Do you have any procedures you are able to share with me? Any help (even just a few ‘tips’) would be very welcome.

    I am working on this at the moment, and I am more than happy to share my eventual findings with anyone that can help.

    If anyone wants to email me direct, my address is

    Many thanks

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