Performance Management of Checking Officers

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    Hello All,

    I am currently devising a Performance Management framework for my team of Quality Checking officers, and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who already had something in place.

    Has anyone set specific targets for their officer, e.g number of checks a day etc. I would like to introduce a ball park figure of 15 a day, and would like to know if anyone has set a similar number, as I am keen to get a comparisons from other authorities.

    If anyone would like to share any thought, figures, advice etc with me, I would be very grateful.




    The QA officers on my team are expected to carry out at least 15 checks per day. Obviously this depends on the type of claims they are checking. Intervention claims and some non-IS claims will take longer. Therefore when looking at the work they have done for employee reviews I look at an average of the claims over a week.

    This section carrys out the statutory 10% check of all HB and CTB decisions so we also have what is known here as ‘rechecks’, if the QA officer is doing these I would expect about 20 claims to have been looked at, as at this stage the full claim check has already been carried out.

    Hope this is of helps.


    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the reply, we do the statutory 4% checks and rechecks where appropriate, and we also do the 128 stats, and target high risk areas such as self-employed, high value payments and frequent movers etc. All of this data is entered onto a database so we can identify trends, inform training and help with PDR’s.

    How many officers do you have? and how big is your caseload?. Do you officers do any other work?, as we are sometimes asked to do bespoke audit checking by managers concerned with under performing staff.

    I currently have two full time officers to a 36,000 caseload of HB/CTB, which as you can imagine is a struggle to do all of this.

    Do your QA officers meet the targets you set them?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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