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    We have been having a discussing regarding counting of a extended payment and what we should call the next claim that carrys on after. I was always under the understanding that if there is no breaks in the entitlement then the next claim would be change of Circ’s and as an extended payment is a continuation of Is/jsa etc this does not count as a break, but after speaking to collegues and looking at HB/CTB A3/2007 it states that after this break we would class as new claim. Is there anyone who 😯 can explain reasons and if this is correct.


    Yes it is correct and it is the only time a new claim needs to be made, following what to all intents and purposes, would otherwise be a change of circumstances.
    It is due to the wording of the EP legislation, which the DWP have said they are looking at clearing up (so that ongoing Benefit after an EP becomes a change of circs)

    The end of an EP is now one of the few (if not only) times you are able to terminate HB / CTB if a new claim is not made 8)


    I thought I read somewhere that the EP regs are changing from April 08 to tie up with LHA.

    Not sure where i read it or whether it is just wishful thinking.


    Section 32 of the Welfare Reform Act makes very detailed provisions for extended payments, although the finer details are still left to Regs. The intended purpose of s32 seems to be to make it possible for the Regs to accommodate an extended payment within a continuing award with no claim necessary for “in-work” benefit after the EP ends. It basically beefs up the primary legislative power for such a thing as an EP to exist at all and places it firmly in the “normal HB – not something special” bucket (and the Act does the same thing for underlying entitlement elsewhere, but that’s another story).

    It would make sense for the Regs under s32 to come into force immediately before the LHA amending Regs, on the same day, so that claimants who go from JSA to EP to in-work HB without a break do not migrate onto LHA.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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