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    Kevin D

    Thought I’d float this for comment.

    Following the latest “help” in the form of amendment 9, the LA I’m currently working with is now seriously considering doing the following:

    1) Identify the “of arrears” (both the amount and the period covered) and treat as capital etc.

    2) Apportion the remaining tax credit amount over the remaining period of the award; ignoring “in-year” changes.

    Reason(s) for this approach? How long should this post be :22:

    – Lack of info on TC notifications.

    – Conflicting information as to how to assess such changes – often within the same DWP / IR documentation.

    – The impracticality of telephoning the hotline for every single case where there appears to be an “in-year” change.

    – The sheer volume of administration.

    – The almost impossible task of conveying details of such rapidly changing advice to staff, let alone claimants who make enquiries.

    – There comes a point where the nettle simply has to be grasped and a pragmatic approach taken.

    In addition to the above, it seems that the advice and “guidance” being provided by the DWP and/or IR is such that it is either plain wrong, or utterly impenetrable, or both. Oh, I nearly forgot. I missed off unworkable.

    Er, that’s it. For now….

    Kevin D

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