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    Wondering if any one can help with this.

    Our claimant has a wife whose country of residence is Thailand. She had been staying with the claimant since August 2008 as a tourist, but her Visa ran out in December and she is waiting for her passport to be returned from the home office, before she can go back. She is currently in the UK, but has not applied for a NINO as she was only temporarily visiting. She does not have leave to remain in the Uk on a permanent basis. Apparently, that is something that she will need to sort out in Thailand, but until her passport is returned she is remaing in the UK.

    Also, she gave birth to a child in January 2009, which appeared on the claim even though the wife did not.

    How would I treat the child and how would I treat the wife for the time that she is living in the UK?


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