Personal Injury payment trusts?

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    If a person has a payment for Personal Injury and places it in a trust, am I right in thinking because it is in a trust it is disregarded indefinetly irrespect of whether it is working age or pension age?


    What happens if a person sells their home and  moves into rented accommodation. The proceeds from the sale of the home are then placed into the Personal Injury Trust fund? The house was not purchased with money from the personal injury.

    The claimant has told us that this capital shoulod be diregarded as it is in a personal injoury trust fund.


    Even though it has been placed in a personal injury trust fund, it is money that is not in consequence of any personal injury so:-

    can it be taken into account as capital?

    Can it be treated as deprivation of capital and therefore included?

    Can he be treated as taking advantage of the HB scheme?


    Any advice would be appreciated.


    Thank you


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