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    Hi there
    1st time user. Any help will be appreciated.

    A spanish couple, self employed. Own 2 properties in spain. Have put properties on market since 2006 and are unable to sell properties as in negative equity. All docs in spanish and from Estate agents in spain, hence we cannot verify authencity. Can we pay? as a valuation can’t take place, and how do we ascertain how much a british person would be willing to pay for properties.



    I’d consider getting a document translation service, and then check websites for properties of similar construction in similar areas in Spain. That can give an idea of how the market is going, and whether the price is realistic or over-inflated. Translations would also confirm the outstanding mortgage and the sale price, to consider whether all [i:8fc8c8aa68]reasonable[/i:8fc8c8aa68] steps have been made to dispose of the property, including considering dropping the price to a level the market can support.


    Any volunteers to go to Spain, all expenses paid, to value the property? I’m up for it no-one else wants to do it. 😀


    Well, it’s going to take a good couple of weeks to check out the market, to ensure the price set is achievable. Plus you’d need to look into whether the market is in a slump or not, so you’d need to stay long enough to work out the state of the economy in the area…..Oooooo….I reckon six months should do it! 😀

    Oh go on then, you’ve twisted my arm….. 😉

    Carol Meredith

    vbankole. Why do you need to know how much a British person would be willing to pay for it? If it is Spanish property in Spain surely it is more likely to be sold to another Spaniard.
    Also you should ask for the mortgage documents to ascertain the negative equity in the same way as you would for UK property.

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