PFA on JSA as refused income support

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    We have a customer who received Housing Benefit due to an entitlement to JSA(ib) until 1st July – however from this date until 09/09/12 we continued to pay on nil income – she then had a baby and was refused Income Support as she failed the HRT – although she has been here she has been back and forth to portugal – as this was refused and even though she had just had a baby her support worker advised her to re-claim JSA – this has been put back into payment on (ib).

    The problem is should we even look at the prior period, the revision I am looking at is for the period 10/09/12 to 07/10/12 – again we will have to pay this on Nil Income at present I am not happy to do this as I feel that once she has claimed JSA(ib) they will again cancel her claim.

    Any thoughts 🙂


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