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    I know that this subject has been done to death however could I just clarify again please,

    Claimant is British Citizen, partner has no NINO, no recourse to public funds and has a 3 month visitor permit only.

    DWP have refused to put her on his claim for JSA (irrelevant I know and will not give her a NINO).

    My question is should she and their children be put on the claim for HB/CTB even though she does not have a NINO and what if DWP will not allocate a NINO when we have completed the DCI1LA form?

    Your help in this matter again will be invaluable. Thanks

    Kevin D

    For HB/CTB, both of the clmt AND partner [u:3e04b8fb43]must[/u:3e04b8fb43] satisfy the NINO condition.

    If either cannot do so, no HB/CTB can be paid – even if one person claims and asks for the “non-NINO” person to be ignored. The “non-NINO” person cannot be ignored for HB/CTB. Entitlement to other benefits does not override HB/CTB in this situation.

    This was confirmed in “Wilson”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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