PFA PARTNER both liable for CTAX

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    We have a case where the claimant has a Thail wife who is reisdent as she has no recourse to public funds. He is getting PCGC single rate which is fine. I have ignore her on the claim. however he is getting CTB and as she is resident, so full charge for CTAX is being applied for which they are both liable. Must we pay the whole amount of CTB, as we are ignoring her for CTB purposes. It’s not sitting right with me, as they are both jointly liable.

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    Trevor Kenward


    You must include partner as part of the household irrespective of her status although from06/04/09 a partner without leave to enter or remain in the UK does not have to apply for a NINO in support of the claim.


    As she has leave that is subject to no recourse to public funds she would need to apply for a NINO as it is only those that satisfy Article 115(9)(a) (people who require leave but do not have it, and even then you would need to apply for one and it be refused 😳 ) of the Immigration and Asylum act that are exempt using Reg 4(c).

    But as Trev said, they are a normal couple for our purposes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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