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    Hi I am dealing with a reasponse to the Ft Tribunal the scenarion is as follows
    Claimant previously awarded HB as Single parent student notified authority that her partner from sierre leone has joined the household, thefore superseding decsioon made as she is no longer eligible to claim as a lone parent student and that partner should now make a joint claim for them both.

    Problem whilst partner has been issued with a Nino he has only been granted admission on spousal visa and has no recourse to public funds therefore cannot be lead claimant.

    Bit of a catch 22 he cant make a claim but  neither can the student as she ceases to be an eligible student from the day the pertner joined the household.

    Appeal now based on the fact he is not the biological father and the claimant is having to support her spouse since he joined the household as he cant claim any benefits

    Thoughts please is there any way HB/CTB can be awarded in this case, because I cant think of any  based on the current circumstances that would allow it. 


    They are both ineligible for the reasons you have stated. No way around it unfortunately.


    Thanks for that Steve it reinforces my own thinking and understanding. Case now on way First tier Tribunal for them to decide upon 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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