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    We have just tried to make contact with the revenue helpline and were told that there was a secure line for us to contact but [b:ca0daec69b]they[/b:ca0daec69b] did not know what it was. Can anyone help?
    On the plus side I suppose at least they managed to get through


    The only numbers I am aware of were distributed a while ago.

    They are very similar to the public numbers.

    The call goes through to the same operators as the public number BUT we queue-jump straight to the front of the queue.

    If you want this number email me. (Bad idea to post this number on the message board cos other people may use it to queue-jump)

    [b:2d969e2cee]Click HERE to email me[/b:2d969e2cee] ([email][/email])

    Melissa Mallaby

    Can anyone advise me whether the following is true:

    We have a claimant who has been awarded child tax credit and we have asked to see the award letter. The claimant informs us that this is not possible as she has not been sent one and has informed us that the IR are no longer issuing Tax Credit Notification Letters and in order for LAs to verify awards of tax credit they will need to contact the IR on a helpline. They also said that LAs will be receiving a letter from the IR (DWP?) to this effect in the next 7 – 14 days. They apparently received this information from the jobcentre who got it direct from IR.

    I have to say that this does not seem likely but with Tax Credits – who knows?


    I have contacted the helpline today with a query regarding a predictable change and was informed that the award has been adjusted and a new award letter has been issued today. This would suggest that they are still being issued.

    I honestly can’t see how they can make/adjust an award and not notify the claimant of how it has been calculated.

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