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    Long time since I posted.

    I have a quick question re PIs (they are doin my heed in!).

    Mr A is not on HB or CTB.
    He phones the LA and requests a claim form be sent on 07/04/06, which is done.
    The form is returned, fully completed (can you tell this is a ficticious claim?) on 28/04/06, i.e. within a month.
    The claim is processed on 10/05/06.

    For PI purposes what is the date of claim? I know the benefit will start from 10/04/06, but what is the calculation of the PI?

    When you respond if you could point me in the direction of the literature, e.g. circular no. then that would be appreciated.


    PS would the calc be different if Mr A was on a passported benefit?


    Date of claim is irrelevent for BVPI purposes, the two key dates are the date the form is physically received and the date a decision is made.
    In your case 28/04/2006 and 10/05/2006 respectivly. It does not matter if the form is fully completed or not, it is still recievied on 28/04.

    Part of guidence copied below.

    Time taken to process’ means the time counted in calendar days from, and including, the day a new claim for HB/CTB or the relevant information forwarded from DWP is physically received at any designated office of a local authority to, and including the day the claim is decided. Time should be counted in accordance with the MIS guidance. This means that if a claim is received on a Monday and a decision made on the same day, the time taken is one day. All days must be counted, not just working days;



    Further to jmembury posting, probably worth adding that it is the date a final decision made on claim eg if assessed on indicative rent level, the date the ROD is input

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