PM 5 – PI for average speed of processing change of circs

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    An LA’s Benefits Service is currently processing changes of circumstance at an average of 8.53 days.
    The scoring methodolgy for this particular PM says:
    <9 days scores 4
    16-9 days scores 3
    What score should be given to this LA for PM5?


    If you are going for mathematical consistency then and .5 should be rounded up and .4 rounded down. In the PS scoring if you get 251 it equates to an overall score of 3 so it seems fair. (Unless there is something in the small print I haven’t seen)


    Let me emphasise the question again .. what score SHOULD be given to this LA for PM5?


    Up until now, as an authority process changes, on average, in 8.53 days, we have scored excellent for Performance Standards purposes using the PS score calculator provided by CIPFA. Their spreadsheet assumes (correctly) that 8.53 is less than 9 and for PM5 we score a 4.

    On carrying out a self-assessment using the software provided by DWP, we score a 3 for PM5 – why? … because 8.53 gets rounded up to 9. For us, this is the difference between good and excellent.

    We have contacted DWP who will agree that 8.53 is less than 9 and is not between 9 and 16 but insist that the software is correct in scoring us a 3. When we put to them the difference in our overall score, all they could say was blame it on the software.

    Our there any other LAs in a similar situation?

    I am personally not too bothered by Performance Standards and am one of those who think we should worry about the customer experience and improving it – rather than spending a great deal of time writing procedures to satisfy an overbearing government department …. but being excellent matters to members and it is a morale booster to my very hardworking staff!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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