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    cameron mackintosh

    I would like to hear how other authorities deal with the following scenario for counting number of days to process a new claim.
    The Pension Service complete a claim for PC’s on 5/4/07 & complete a 3 page HCTB1e(PCA) which we received on 9/4/07.
    We are informed by the Pension Service on 23/4/07 that the claim for PC’s was unsuccessful. As a result we issue a standard claim form as the HCTB1 does not provide us with the information required regarding income/capital.
    The standard claim is received back in our office on 2/5/07 and we then start the procedure of writing out for additional evidence etc.
    A decision is made on the claim on 4/7/07.
    For PI’s the ‘clock’ should ‘start ticking’ on 9/4/07 which means this claim took a total of 87 days. However, for the period 9/4/07 until 2/5/07 we were in limbo as firstly were awaiting a PC decision and then waiting the return of the standard claim by the claimant. This added 24 days onto the PI of this claim although we weren’t really able to exert a direct influence on the claim until 2/5/07.
    Is this just something we have to live with or do authorities have an alternative way of recording such cases?


    I’d say it’s just something we have to live with. Once you get over the occasional difficulty of deciding whether something is actually a new claim, the PI is defined fairly simply – number of days from receipt of form to decision.

    It’s rather like the extra delays in working age decisions where the LA input doc turns up, and then you spend ages waiting for an IS or JSA decision.


    You could of course quite reasonably decide while waiting for an IS / JSA decision that they do not have any income, when the decision is made you then have a change of circumstance to deal with (either way).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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