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    Can anyone throw some light on this please regarding subsidy.

    Where I was previously, we had an urgent staff bulletin round to say ‘ not to use rent costs screen (on academy) to determine a claim on an IRL as this affects subsidy. The claim is to be done as a POA using the POA screen . The Rent costs screen is only for looking up the IRL in order to make the POA and IRL must not be saved on this screen.’

    I have made several enquiries and no one seems to know of any changes in subsidy affecting using an IRL. Am I missing something?

    Please can anyone confirm if POA is better than IRL with reasons.

    I have had some feedback as to why some LA’s dont like using POA – because of the delays with Job Centre + and prefere to make a income =m needs determination until JC+ is sorted – thus using revision rules.

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