Polish claimant formerly self employed

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    Help required!

    Polish claimant who was self employed from Jan 07 to Mar09
    but has now claimed HB/CTB stating income as CHILD BENEFIT AND CHILD TAX CREDIT ONLY , no work via self employment

    Is HB/CTB payable ?

    Would he be able to claim JSA ?

    I seem to recall the self sufficiency rules apply ?
    but not sure as do not deal with PFA claims usually


    If you are certain his self-employment has ceased they he wont retain worker status and will not get JSA as he wont have completed 12 months on the WRS (unless this has been done based on some other employment) so will be ineligible for JSA(IB) and would not have made the correct contributions in order to get JSA(C).

    He could be self-sufficient but would also need to have comprehensive medical insurance in order to quaify as per 7(1)(b) of 2004/38/EC.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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