Post Mistress – self employed or employed earner?

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    Clare Easson

    I cant decide whether to treat this claimant as self employed or employed.

    She receives a pay advice each month from Post Office Ltd that detail her Payments which include Assigned Office Payment, Focus-Mails, Focus-Telephony, STD-Financial Service, STD-Maild, STD-Government Services. The total of all these payments are described as Gross Pay.

    On the Deduction it details Tax Paid (which works out at 20% of the total Gross Pay) and NI Paid.

    So while she is being re-inbursed by the post office for expenses she has had to pay, she is having to pay tax on these and also pays her NI through the Post Office.

    I am inclined to treat her as employed and manually calculate the Tax & NI on the Assigned Office Payments but any suggestions would be most welcomed, thanks.

    Andy Thurman

    Are you sure the additional taxed amounts are expenses?? I’ve no prior or inside knowledge of Post Mistress T & C’s but (if taxed) I’d assume these other payments are monies received for providing those services rather than for expenses incurred.

    That said, the tax amount seems high even on that basis (no personal allowance??)!

    I’d guess at employed but it is just a guess – I think you need some further info!

    Clare Easson

    You might be right about the expenses, will go back to her.

    She gets her personal allowance on another jobs she has.

    Thanks very much

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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