Pre-budget statement on child benefit

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    So how’s this going to work then? Can systems cope with CHB being payable from week 29 of pregnancy, and what implications for the child/family amounts in the means-tested benefits and tax credits?


    Have you got a link or some details Andy?


    link to BBC website:

    We’ve got another 2 years before we have to worry about applicable amounts etc!


    I assume we’ll get some guidance through in April 2009 then!!


    As far as systems go they should be able to cope even if no applicable amounts are linked. After all a parent can get CB and not have children in the house. We have several Polish people who claim CB here for children who are in Poland. We include the CB as income but there are no children so no increase in app amounts.
    Have a sneaking feeling that the financial implications of adding income to a benefit claim have not been thought through( now there is a suprise)!
    Debbie P


    [quote:4ce222d4f4]We have several Polish people who claim CB here for children who are in Poland.[/quote:4ce222d4f4]

    I trust you have passed this tidbit on to [i:4ce222d4f4]The Daily Mail[/i:4ce222d4f4]


    No need – the Daily Mail already knows!! You don’t honestly think they would have missed something so scandalous as that do you?


    I kind of had a hunch that would be the case…can’t read the article right now due to our firewall, but without going off on a right-wing rant I must say I find it a little odd. If the parents are over here (presumably for a stay of some length), would it not be the case that the children are, temporarily at least, the responsibility of someone still in Poland, such as the grandparents?


    Well here is the article from 13 August 2006:

    [quote:0a2f0b2e49]Tens of thousands of Eastern European migrants living in Britain are exploiting a loophole in the law to claim UK child benefit for children they have left behind.

    Migrant workers from new EU member states including the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania, are signing up in droves for the cash, funded by British taxpayers.

    The Mail on Sunday has learned that more than 50,000 Poles have also applied for the handouts so far this year.

    In Poland, parents do not have an automatic right to state benefits for their children. Even those payments which are available are strictly means-tested and very few people qualify.

    But under EU rules, Polish and other Eastern European parents working in Britain can leave their children at home and still qualify for UK money – £907.40 a year for a single child and £608.40 for each additional one.

    At the current rate, even if they claim for only one child, the Polish applications alone will already have cost the taxpayer £45million this year.

    To successfully claim, the migrants must be registered to work in Britain. British Customs officials then check with authorities in their home countries to confirm they have children to support.

    In Poland, state agencies have been swamped by these checks from Britain. Requests for proof are arriving at a rate of more than 1,000 a week.

    The revelation comes after a Mail on Sunday investigation found that some Polish parents were dumping their children in state orphanages or with relatives to take up jobs in the UK.

    Now, Polish officials say that the weight of applications for UK child benefit has left the state agency dealing with the claims facing collapse.

    “There’s so many to deal with. In some cases whole villages have left to go and work abroad,” said Beata Trybowska, of the Krakow branch of the agency responsible for processing the applications.

    In Krakow alone, which has lower rates of emigration than many other parts of Poland, figures show that in 2004 – when Poland joined the EU with seven other former Eastern Bloc states – only 100 child benefit claims were made.

    Last year, the number had jumped to 1,800 and in the first half of 2006 it was already more than 2,200. Official records put the number of Poles who have registered to live and work in Britain at 230,000. But the true figure is possibly closer to a million.

    Last night, a spokeswoman for HM Revenue and Customs confirmed that Eastern European nationals could claim child benefit. She said that under EU rules it was classified an ‘exportable benefit’.

    Between May 2004 and March 2006 the Government received 37,932 child benefit applications from migrants from new EU states. Of these 20,159 were approved and 6,001 rejected. [/quote:0a2f0b2e49]

    You make up your own mind…

    I wonder if it is the article or the fact that it’s the Daily Mail that the firewall is blocking. 😆


    Tens of thousands = 20,000? Mathematically true but statistically dodgy 😉

    Therefore hopefully both, Gerry, hopefully both!! 😀 8)


    [quote:fdedb7be57]it’s the Daily Mail that the firewall is blocking[/quote:fdedb7be57]

    Yes, very possible! I love the way they always refer to benefits as “handouts”, like we’re still administering the 1601 Poor Law or something…

    And parents dumping their kids in orphanages? I feel sure that was thoroughly researched and cross-checked before publication…


    Andy said:

    [quote:e27330345e]And parents dumping their kids in orphanages? I feel sure that was thoroughly researched and cross-checked before publication…[/quote:e27330345e]

    If you could view the article on their website there is a link to an article interviewing a woman has actually done this. Only one example is enough to make the story true as far as they are concerned.

    If you look at the final paragraph you’ll also notice that there were nearly 12,000 CB claims were not decided. Good to see that the HMRC has reflected this in their Performance Report 😈


    One wonders why 11,772 are undecided.

    Surely Yes or No applies and maybe isn’t an option?!

    Can we start applying “maybe” to HB/CTB claims and then refuse to take any further action? Don’t suppose we’d get away with that though.

    (going off at slight tangent!!)

    Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................

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