pre pension credit/pre interventions & benefit periods

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    Can anyone recall the circular or guidance which (we think) came some time around summer 2003 (just before pension credits) and April 2004 (start of interventions) which indicated that pensioners were exempt from review/renewal for a transitional period.

    We have had a good look round but can;t find anything

    Any help gratefully received 🙂



    I don’t recall pensioners ever being exempted from [i:48522f493c]HB/CTB[/i:48522f493c] renewals. If you look at Circular A21/2003 it seems quite clear that pensioners would be involved in interventions pretty much from Day 1 of Pension Credit:

    [quote:48522f493c]High risk interventions

    33 October 2003 1st High Risk Interventions for Pensioners distributed to LAs

    34 October 2003 Format and Specification of High Risk Interventions will be provided to Software Houses to incorporate into LA visiting schedules

    35 January 2004 2nd High Risk Interventions for Pensioners distributed to LAs[/quote:48522f493c]

    Are you thinking of the extended AIPs (up to 7 years) that were set for some pensioners so that the Pension Service would not be renewing the vast bulk of their caseload in 2008?

    Kevin D

    Unfortunately, I can’t cite any circs or regs.

    But, from memory, pensioners were not excluded as such. From memory, I think that there was transitional legislation that allowed LAs to award benefit periods of up to 80 weeks, instead of the normal 60.

    On top of that, benefit periods ceased for pensioners from October 03. For everyone else, benefit periods only ceased from April 04.

    The combination of the above meant that pensioners no longer had to make renewals – not an “exemption” as such, but simply the effect of the legislation.

    Hope that helps (& maybe someone can point to the SIs).


    If you mean exemption from renewal claims [i:466412a4ba]before[/i:466412a4ba] the introduction of Pension Credit, there is this in F15/2003:

    [quote:466412a4ba]Renewal Claims Module

    9. LAs can cease issuing renewal claim forms for pensioners from 16 June [2003] and will no longer be able to issue these from 6 October when benefit periods for pensioners are abolished. Any renewal claims issued between 16 June and 5 October will have to be processed to VF standards.[/quote:466412a4ba]


    cheers andy, this is exactly what we needed

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