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    Jan Canfield

    😳 Has anyone any ideas about predictable changes on txc credit notifications? The tax credit guidelines tell us in section 13 , para 1364, to ring the IR helpline and find out the total award due before the date of change and then the total award afetr the revised amount.

    This often happens, eg when a child becomes one, and when we ring the helpline we are told that they can’t give us the gross figures as above.

    Has any one got any ideas?

    david kearney

    they are getting better, ask for the date at which the first revised payment will be made, the total paid prior to that revised payment and the total paid after (which should add up to the total annual award),
    you should then be able to work it out. if you get an unhelpful operator ask to speak to a supervisor or hang up and try again


    I have spent numerous hours on the telephone to the tax credit helpline, in many cases hanging up and retrying up to 5 times for any one case. On one occassion I spoke to a very helpfull member of staff who told me the best way to apportion the award is to calculate it yourself.

    If the person receives any amount of WTC or if their gross annual income is less than £5060 (shown on award notice), they are entitled to the maximum CTC. Maximum daily rates for CTC are as follows:

    £3.95 Child element – payable for each child.
    £1.49 Family element.
    £1.49 Baby element.
    £5.89 disability element – payable for each disabled child
    £2.36 Severe disability element – payable for each severely disabled child

    E.g. If the claimant has a child who was 1 on 15th July 2003, they would be entitled to £693.00 for the period 06/04/03 to 14/07/03 (100 days @ £6.93 per day) and £1447.04 for the period 15/07/03 to 05/04/04 (266 days @ £5.44 per day). This should then make an annual award of £2140.04.

    So far all the predictable changes I have calculated in this way have balanced back to the annual award shown on the award notice.

    If they are not entitled to the maximum CTC, it’s a bit more complicated in that you have to apply a taper of 37%, but it’s still possible to calculate it providing you know what elements of WTC and CTC apply.

    If you have any examples, e-mail me the award details and the date of change and I will work through the calculation for you to follow in future. My e-mail address is m . c o l e @ n e a t h – p o r t t a l b o t . g o v . u . k (without the spaces)

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