Predicted changes Section 13 rant

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    I’d like to go on record as saying that the way “Predicted Changes” are shown on award notices is:
    [size=29:fc2c7c47b9]Complete madness[/size:fc2c7c47b9]
    The calculation method shown in section 13 could be used as an interrogation technique by special forces in Iraq.
    If I can’t write something in Excel to do it for us, We’ll be phoning the hotline about every one of ’em. Even with the extra subsidy, we cannot spend 45 minutes+ on each award notice.
    Speaking as a training officer, there is NO WAY I’d expect our assessors to do that calc manually.
    As these awards are calculated by a computer, wouldn’t it make sense for the computer to work out accurate weekly rates and an accurate date of change?
    Am I missing something?
    WHY does it not specify which TC is subject to change.
    WHY do we have to go back 27 days then align it with the payment cycle then monday-align it forwards.
    Excuse me if I’m being picky, but can’t the award notice just er… show the award?
    And DON’T get me started on adding together all those fractional payments, working out the number of days in the split award….
    Rant Over and Out.

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