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    Any help appreciated.

    We have a claim from a lady who joint owns a previous address wuith her ex husband.  She is currently in receipt of HB at a council address (which she was allocated because of domestic violence)  and he is now living abroad.  The previous property is rented out and she currently has no dealings with the property.  Due to the circumstances surrounding the break up she has not yet taken her name off the mortgage and willingly walked away. It has only recently come to light that she owned her previous address which has never been up for sale.

    Do we include the previous property or half of the rental income in her assessment 


    Presuming the tenant is a private tenant and not a relative etc, then the capital value apportioned to your claimant. This will not be 50%; probably less than that and you would need to get a valuation in the normal way.

    John Boxall

    If he’s her ‘ex’ husband, presumably they are divorced so the divorce settlement should say something about ownership of the property. For example she may have to attempt to get her name taken off the mortgage

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    they are not yet divorced only estranged

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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