Pro forma mop up exercise

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    chris harvey

    Just had landed on my desk a letter from Paul Howarth dated 23/4 but only received here 28/4 and got to my desk just now. Its a general letter to all Benefit managers suggesting CBC will deal with the proformas that were previously returned as “no trace” or traced but award details had not been processed. However they need “new” proformas so we can’t return the old ones and they must be with CBC by Friday 2nd May or they may be returned unactioned.
    This timescale is almost impossible, we have hundreds of proformas in this category and I don’t think I can get them re-produced and posted in 24 hours which I need to do to meet these timescales.
    Is anyone else doing anything with these?

    martin walmsley

    We have been fortunate at my authority, as we received the letter last week – and have sent-off our new schedule today.

    Sorry to hear you got the letter so late – is there any chance you might get an extension?



    We also received the letter late (yesterday). I queried its contents with the DWP to clarify the issue of “new” proformas. I was told originally that we had to re-run the proformas as previously-used ones would be rejected.

    However I had another reply today which said that in fact the deadline has now been extended to Weds 7th May, and that “previously used proformas stating ‘no trace’ may be re-submitted.”

    Hope this helps!


    Hi Chris

    We kept our proformas so with a little tipex and a willing hand they have all gone back to IR – I understand there is an extension to wed 7th— cheers simon


    We don’t even have the letter yet – a neighbouring authority is kindly faxing it to me today!!!

    I’m just going to return the original proformas first class today – I don’t know how my system would be able to raise new ones anyway as it was based on previous entitlement to WFTC and obvoisly some of the originals have nw been dealt with.


    I luckliy got the letter last week and sent my proformas to CBC on Monday. I then recieved a phone call from our local Job Centre Plus office who asked where our proformas were. They had received proformas from neighbouring authorities but not ours. After digging a little deeper I was told a memo had gone round dated 10th April stating proformas should go to local offices as they have access to the IR screens and this would ease the workload of the CBC/IR. Needless to say I reprinted the proformas and have sent them to our local office.
    Has anyone else heard about this???:15:


    I was contacted a few weeks ago from a member of staff at a local DWP site advising she was my contact to send proformas. I told her that I knew nothing about this, so she told me she would be in touch. I haven’t heard from her again, so I sent my proformas to CBC as advised. The memo of 10.4.03 you mention was sent to DWP/JCP staff only.

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