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    We have a Child Tax Credit case which is causing us problems when trying to calculate actual payments. We have phoned the help line twice and still have not had an answer to explain the figures in the award – needless to say we are now experiencing serious brain strain!!

    £3803.30 full amount for the period
    £1359.62 amount you owe us that will be collected from future years
    £2140.59 less amount we have already paid you for this period
    £12.03 less amount you owe us from previous years
    £303.09 less amount you have paid we have set against o/p in other award periods
    £1347.59 Amount to be paid

    £46.67 to be paid on 17/11/04
    £44.94 to be paid on 24/11/04
    £46.07 to be paid on 01/12/04
    then £49.93 thereafter

    The period of award is 6/04/04 – 05/04/05 (letter sent12/11/04)

    Can anyone tell me what figure they would work this out to as our calculation doesnt look like it can be right!!


    Do I need to attach a financial incentive on this one????????? 😉


    It looks like the actual payments being made to the customer is made up from £1347.59 less the £12.03 and £303.09, which totals £1032.47. So then using that figure I would input a weekly amount of £49.84 from date of letter.

    Typical that letter does not help!!!


    Thanks for being brave enough for a response!!

    Only query with that is the overpayments have already been deducted from the amount to be paid figure so why are you deducting them again? 🙄


    Although the letter states what is to be paid, if you look at the actual payment schedule, the total to be paid does not correspond to the amount quoted on the letter.

    If you went with that you’d be inputting £65+ pw which means that she is being penalised twice.

    Not done any tax credit calcs for a while (we now use the amount being paid), so probably completely barking up the wrong tree.


    I hate tax credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially on Fridays – its enough to drive a woman to drink.

    I see what you are saying but I am at a loss to understand why we have to use a figure that doesnt even slighly resemble the amount being paid.

    If the Tax Credit staff cant tell us what all the figures are for what chance do we have?

    Andy Simpson

    I hate these things!

    With great reluctance I put my neck on the line and say that like Floyd I arrive at a figure of £65.06 to apply from 15/11/04 (based on the figure of what is due to be paidand the notification date).

    I’d be highley surprised if I was right – never have been with one of these yet!


    I have just tried to calculate a figure for you but have come up with the same figure as Floyd.
    However deducting the weekly payments left to be paid from the total amount to be paid up to 5.4.05, I have a shortfall of £361.11. The IR could be deducting an ovp of WTC, and have deducted it at source but not told, therefore explaining why the weekly payments to the claimant are low. You would only be able to answer this thought by contacting the helpline, because as usual the IR don’t think ot telling anybody about this fact.


    Decided to finish on a high on a Friday so yes phoned the tax credit hotline again!!!!! They inform me that in the paid to date figure is an amount of WTC which was overpaid.

    Really dont know if we are handling this right now. What do you think?

    We would take the amount to be paid and work out the number of days since the last payment and x by 7. We get 61.17

    How can this be treated as a payment and not an overpayment??!!

    Aghhhh – does anyone have anything stronger than coffee?


    If there is further overpayment of wtc which is being recovered from the ctc entitlement in my experience this is not taken into account on the ‘to be paid’ figure for ctc.

    Therefore I would deduct the amount of wtc overpayment from the ctc amount to be paid and then calculate as normal. (the payments will match the ctc to be paid once the wtc overpayment has been deducted)

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