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    I was under the impression that the higher pensioner prium was no more, but I have come across a condundrum – if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

    We have a case where a couple was on benefit, with a child under 10. The partner of the couple ( the husband ) was over 65 and they received Guaranteed Pension Credits.

    Then the partner started part time work, with effect 12/12/2011,  16 hours a week so the GC ended and their joint income was working and child tax credits, his earnings and his State Retirement Pension. The assessment gave him a higher pensioner preium. I don't know why. The premium meant that the earnings disregard was £37.10.

    Now the child has just become 10 – no other changes to income types or hours worked, and the higher pensioner premium has been removed , resulting in the earnings disregard reducing to £27.10.

    Could one of you clever people tell me the reason for this, as obviously it has resulted in a loss of benefit for the claimants and we will have to explain it to them!

    chris harvey

    The higher pensioner premium was removed several years ago so your system should not be awarding that any more. The earnings disregards you quote are the additional earnings disregard of £17.10 plus either the £10 disregard for a couple or the £20 disregard for carers/disabled. From your post I cannot see why the £20 has been awarded for the earlier period, was there an underlying entitlement to carers allowance marked on your system? you may want to query this with your supplier as it looks like a software bug to me.


    Thank you Chris,
    No, there were no carer/disabled disregards on the claim at all – I think it was a system error too.
    The reason I think it has changed from 26/10/12 coincided with the new Capita release of 63.51 wef 26/10/12 being put in and from the same date the child became 10.

    I’d better look to see if the disregard is on any other claims now…………

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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