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    I was wondering if anybody was able to offer me any assistance

    We are currently reviewing our working practices, and considering changing 4 generic sections with an alphabetical split of work, to 3 sections with responsibility for New Claims, Claim Maintenance and Risk-based Interventions respectively.

    As part of my analysis of workload to determine make up, I need to apportion man-hours against predicted workload for each section.

    Would anyone be willing to share some information about targets they set for assessors?

    E.G. How many of each of the following would they normally expect an experienced fully-trained assessor to deal with in an hour?
    Standard Claims
    Passported Claims
    Telephone Reviews
    Simple Change of Circumstances
    Complex Change of Circumstances

    Any help gratefully received


    Hi we normally expect an assessor to process a claim every half an hour (on average) in essence thats about 20 minutes for a passported claim, 30 minutes for a standard claim and 40 minutes for complex cases etc.

    Interventions are normally easy so about 10 – 15 minutes is plenty and about 10 minutes for a telephone intervention as an average.

    Reconsiderations and appeals are dealt with case by case.



    Here’s the response to a similar question I asked a while back.

    From the previous post, I think 10-15 for some interventions might be a bit hopeful though – if it’s a self employed one with lots of changes it can be as bad as a new claim.

    The other factor is interruptions – telehpone and counter interruptions will hinder processing times.


    DJ, this is also something I’m looking at – although I’ve not set off on the journey yet! so would really appreciate hearing about your results etc. Are you VF compliant? What software application do you use?

    Mark’s point about interruptions etc – how do you factor something like this in ? We’ve also got the problems around system response times, other ‘pressures’ ie sickness, inexperience, leave

    Many thanks


    I agree with Mark there are many variables such as some staff have interruptions
    on the phone/reception, then there are things such as the system to take into account…..for example some systems will allow an assessor to open a new window to deal with an enquiry and return to the part finished claim, others will not and need the claim restarted. I think the only realistic way is to time out the claim types in a real situation using the processes involved.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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