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    Do any Local Authorities process work while the customer is in the office, if they had all the information to allow them to do this either by appointment or drop in?

    if so how well does this work? is anyone willing to share their experiences?
    (postive or negative)


    We looked at it and decided it was a non-runner. However, Milton Keynes do process with the customer in front of them. I don’t have a contact there anymore, but you could try giving them a ring.


    I know South Lanarkshire do it in certain circumstances as an incentive to the claimant to bring in all info at the one time

    Andrea Palmer

    I know Crawley do this as they are currently working the ‘Vanguard’ way. the person you want to speak to is Andy Dale-Benefits Manager


    We have a ‘while u wait’ service for complete new claims – the customer waits in reception – and an assessor processes the claim, then goes and tells them the result ( we can’t give them the notification letter, that comes off over night)

    As we are up to date we also tell them that if they don’t want to wait we will do it within 2 days – most of them don’t bother to wait.

    At the moment 71% of new claims received in our office by counter or post are ‘complete’ so this has helped us enormously

    We had Vanguard in too. We do not have ‘pending’ claims – we return incomplete claims ( recording correct date of claim) and pass responsibility over to the customer. this is the main reason our complete claims % is now so high. Customer can no longer put in the claim and then forget about doing anything about it.



    “return” incomplete claim forms…. ooooohhhhh. might want to check this thread:

    I assume you are recording the ones that dont come back as defective/ making adverse inference?


    Yes we are – there is nothing wrong with what we are doing – customers are told the date of claim is recorded – we telephone at 14 days or send reminder and then send defective notice.


    my bad, didnt mean to imply that you might be 😳
    anyway, glad to hear you’ve found a method that works! good for you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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