Property owned in Turkey

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    Graham Keys

    I’ve got a scenario I’ve not come across before.

    A same-sex couple have been together 30 years with no claim for benefit. One of them goes to Turkey on holiday and dies in an accident, the other has MS and moves in with his sister for care.

    The sister is trying to sort out a potential HB claim for the survivor moving into supported accommodation. In the process of sorting out his affairs she has discovered they bought a property in Turkey (one of 6 flats) as a couple for £29500 three years ago and were using it for holidays. Every time they went over they asked about deeds but the developer said it was to stay in his name for some reason but he would get it changed in due course. What the brother thought was the deeds in Turkish has turned out to be the equivalent of an estate agents property schedule. The brother is clueless about finances. They cannot get hold of anyone in Turkey.

    I’m pretty happy that if we can establish he does own the Turkish property we value it as normal.

    What should we do if they can’t find documents showing ownership changed hands and maintain he has been scammed out of his money instead? I’ve no idea if in Turkey this is considered a minor paperwork issue and he is in reality the owner, or if he has just ended up paying £29500 to rent a flat for a few summers and is now out of both cash and flat.

    Anyone had to deal with anything similar before?

    John Boxall


    It would seem to me that in the absence of any documents to say that he does own the flat, he’d been diddled out of his money

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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