Publishing a Local Scheme

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    just seen the DCLG Localising Council Tax Support & Council Tax – Communications Update 26 March 2013

    "With new, local, schemes going live next week this is a reminder to all local authorities that the Local Government Finance Act 2012 places a statutory duty on you to publish details of your local scheme. The Act does not prescribe the format in which this information is published, only that it is published. "





    They remind authorities about publising a local scheme – I have put it on our web site and it it also recorded in the council minutes

    Is anybody doing anything else to "publish" it




    One authority has told us that they are still considering whether to publish their scheme regulations online. Does anyone have a view as to what would constitute sufficient publication?


    Patrick Doherty

    We haven’t done anything beyond putting it on the website and providing a copy for our local advice groups/legal network.

    I was concerned that we might need to do more, but took the DCLG comms update to be confirmation that the web was enough…

    nick dearnley

    I know of one neighbouring LA where the scheme details have not bene published. Instead you have to go through 3-4 web pages to get to some basic information, but only the cabinet report on which the decison was made is available to view, not the ‘regulations’.

    Julian Hobson

    Has everyone provided a copy to the VT ? I have tried to but keep getting my emails bounced back from ‘’ does anybody have contact details Lee Anderson other than that address ?

    Edit – Just spotted my schoolboy error – it’s !!!!!!!! not, I’ll try again

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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