Qualifying age for State Pension Credit and backdating

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    Clive Hayward

    Can we still say that someone qualifies for the automatic (up to) 3 month “backdate” if they have attained the age of 60?

    I ask because I see that the qualifiying age for PC(g) is rising gradually between now and 2010. I have a chap who turned 60 on May 21st this year. He’s not claiming PC at present and probably should be. Using the “pension age calculator” on the “Directgov” website, it told me he might be entitled to PC(g) as of July 6th 2010.

    He claimed HB on June 2nd 2010. I was going to award him HB from the Monday after his 60th birthday, but is a 60th birthday still the relevant date in all cases?


    I’ll have a go at this one 😛

    it’s my understanding that they only qualify for the 3 month take on period when they reach the qualifying age for state pension credit which in the case of your claimant would be 06 July 2010 as you have rightly stated.

    So for the period 02.06.10 – 06.07.010 he’s treatded as a working age claimant, after 06.07.10 a pension age claimant.

    Happy to be told othertwise though


    I would agree with Craig, thats been my understanding (but again, open to other opinions).

    Clive Hayward

    Thanks Craig and Jerry. I was afraid of that!

    Ia anybody prepared to argue that 60 can still apply as a blanket age?

    Clive Hayward

    I has been gently pointed out to me that circ A16-2009 explains this (para 10 is particularly clear): yes- the “qualifying age” is now floating upwards.

    Lucky us….


    The HB & CTB (SPC) Regs are an excellent example of future-proof drafting. It was known as long ago as 2003 (and indeed before) that pension age equalisation would be phased in from 2010 and that is why the age 60 was not hard-wired into the Regs: instead, they talk about the “qualifying age for state pension credit” so the HB Regs just float up along with that age.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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