Query regarding error made by IR in assessment of clmt’s NTC

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    Would be grateful if I could have the thoughts of some of you.
    A claimant of ours was awarded NTC from 6.4.03. Apparently, her CTC was wrong. She notified the IR and they have now corrected it as they made an error. She is now getting less NTCs so she will get more HB.
    The NTC guide, as far as I can tell, only talks about changes in circumstances and how to treat such changes in HB, e.g. deduct amounts of NTC already paid from ‘new’ annual award and calculate new weekly NTC figure to take into account Monday following date of award notice.
    As this is an error by the IR, do the same rules apply. I think it would be much easier to simply reassess HB/CTB from 7.4.03 dividing the new annual award figure by 366 and multiplying by 7.
    Of course, as it’s deemed easier – it can’t possibly be the right way of doing it!!!!!!

    martin walmsley

    Guidance on this does not seem to available. However, the way I have always been led to believe we should be assessing NTC awards for HB/CTB purposes is to actually use “what they are getting paid”.

    Therefore, this would mean in an example where the original whole-year award is revised (say in a letter dated June 2003) the NTC award will only be amended in the HB/CTB assessment from June 2003.

    However, as stated in another post of mine (on the “Amendment 9 – what fun” thread) – further clarification is still required.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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