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    I am attempting to write some procedures on telephone reviews, and I was wondering if anyone who currently does them can spare the time to answer some or all of these questions:

    1. Do you have a telephone reviews procedure (or even a rough one)? If yes, can I have a look at it?

    2. Do your officers use a script, or something similar, when doing the reviews? If yes, can I have a look at it?

    3. If the customer says they have had no changes, do you just accept this, or do you send them something to sign?

    4. What steps do you take to verify the customer’s identity over the phone?

    5. What action do you take when there is no answer, constantly engaged, etc? Do you just leave it, or do a postal review instead?

    6. When you need evidence to support the declared changes, how do you collect it? For example, do you make an appointment, send a visiting officer, or just ask them to provide it within a month?

    7. Does the officer making the telephone call also assess the changes, or do they pass them over to someone else to do?

    8. Do you make the telephone reviews unannounced, or do you write to the customer in advance (for example, saying we will call between 11 and 12 on Monday, so make sure you are in).

    9. Do you have any other advice about telephone reviews? For example, what has worked and not worked for you? Are there any problems you forsee me encountering, etc.

    If anyone thinks it would be easier to email me, my address is

    Many thanks


    hello people!

    I thought I would revive a thread rather than create a new one. We are looking at bringing in Risk Based Verification for new claims asap along the lines of Coactiva’s Low/Medium/High risk basis. The idea is that for High Risk claims to mainly have interviews in the office or telephone check, with only some home visits. I have been landed with the task of writing up questions/procedures and wanted to see what people were doing as the last time I did something like this was the sunny year of 2005!

    1. Does anyone have any scripts/list of questions to go through/ask when it comes to a more ‘vigorous’ High Risk new claims check than just the normal document verification? If so please please please could you share these, my email is (many thanks in advance!).

    2. Where do people stand on High Risk new claims being refused if we cannot get in touch with the person/they won’t attend an interview? ie if they supply no supporting documents it seems fine to canx/adverse inference but if they supply sufficient docs etc but simply refuse/cannot attend/contact due to let’s say working full time then surely we cannot canx the claim?

    Many thanks in advance,


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