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    Now part 4 of the Q& A is on the DWP website


    Further to the above and several other threads.

    Is it me or do the answers to 359 and 364 contradict themselves???

    If the claimant has told you they they have
    moved, but not where to, you should
    terminate the claim. If you have found out
    about the move from a source other than the
    claimant and there is doubt, you should
    consider suspension whilst you do your own
    Answer 359

    You are correct. With the demise of benefit
    periods there will no longer be any power
    for authorities to end entitlement for
    changes of address within the authority’s
    area. These will be dealt with using the
    changes of circumstance provisions in reg 68.
    Answer 364

    It maybe that I’ve taken them out of context, but it doesn’t make it any easier to explain to staff.

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