"Couple" both in receipt of I/S as single people

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    Darren Broughton


    I’ve been asked to post a query for a collegue –

    We have a closed period claim to process – claimant now left property.

    The claimant and partner were both receiving I/S separately as single persons, yet they claimed to be a couple on their HB claim (partner seemed to be coming and going through various times of the claim). How would you process this claim? Would you just treat as a couple on I/S, or would you treat as 2 separate people (as per the DWPs I/S decision) and have the “partner” as a non-dep?

    Any thoughts? Has there been any Commissioner’s Decisions that may address this issue


    If they have claimed as a couple I would treat them as a couple (on IS) and just inform the DWP – so the DWP can check they have dealt with their side of things correctly.



    adding to the above – I would also write to the claimant and advise that they need to claim as a couple with the DWP and diary date the claim to follow it up.

    May speed things up a bit!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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