Rapid reclaim HB/CTB forms

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    We have been talking about how to deal with the continuation of benefit when a nil entitlement occurs in the past and the claim has to be terminated. The idea has come up of developing a short form like the DWP Rapid Reclaim form to avoid someone having to fill in a whole new claim form for us when the change has occured in the past. Does anyone else do this already? We’re keen on developing this as a way to simplify the issue of reclaiming after a period of nil entitlement where there is then ongoing benefit.

    Kevin D

    Hi Julie,

    No problem using a shortened form – so long as the form is worded in such a way that it gets ALL income & cap etc. The danger with shortened forms is that if questions are insuffient, and there is subsequently an o/p, it *may* be arguable that the design of the form was itself an LA error….

    Usual claim rules apply after periods of nil entitlement.

    Hope this helps.


    We have one that I would be happy to send you.
    Just PM me your e-mail address.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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