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    Only one response on Policy, procedure & training documents so another attemp here:

    Do your assessing staff get regular time to read up? Continuous changes to the benefits schemes, changes to internal policies and procedures etc all take time to sink in. Apart from briefings and training sessions, do your staff have time set aside to read up and take stock?


    no they don’t but I have been trying to convince powers that be that they should/have to especially as they want IIP !) but the ‘there is not enough time’ argument keeps cropping up !!


    Slightly different, in that time is not set aside for doing this on an individual basis, but to try and get a consistant approach, we do it at team meetings etc 8)

    PS Theron – As chief honcho for IiP here, and we’ve now got it 4 times, do you want a vastly overpaid experienced consultant, ‘cos’ if so, I just might be able to think of someone?? 😉 (Worth a try, anyway, mate!!) 😳

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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