Really basic question re LHA at anniversary

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    Inga Mycroft

    I’m sorry that this is a basic question but I have baby brain (starting maternity leave shortly thank goodness). Can some one confirm what the rent used in this scenario should be:

    LHA case – prior to April 2011 rent charge 214.62/w, applicable LHA rate 228.99, HB based on LHA rate

    LHA review date 04/11/11, rent charge still 214.62/w, 30th percentile LHA now 206.54. System (northgate) wants to pay on reduced LHA rate but shouldn’t the customer be protected from this for 9mths and claim can be paid based on the rent charge of 214.62/w until August 2012, then drop to the LHA rate

    I’m sure I’ve missed something but I can’t work out what.

    Andy Thurman

    [quote=Inga Mycroft]I’m sure I’ve missed something but I can’t work out what.[/quote]

    It seems you have indeed missed the blindingly obvious :O

    That is that you are right and the system is wrong! 😉

    Inga Mycroft

    Thank you Andy – I just wanted someone to agree with me! 🙂
    I’ll go back to Northgate about it


    Check your user has set up the review period as “anniversary” and not “change in circumstances”. If they’ve done the latter then the system is right. I haven’t found Northgate getting this wrong actually

    Inga Mycroft

    Northgate have now raised a bug for this – WMS 87760. It’s a problem with 4 bedroom cases apparantly. The work around is to manually apply the TP through the LHA assessment screen


    We have he’d a few cases each month where north gate hasn’t awarded the tp upon reaching the anniversary date.
    Quick fix is to delete new anniversary Lhasa period, then recreate and hey presto north gate now sees the error of its ways and wards the tp. We have report run each month of anniversary claims eligible rent decreased with no other changes. Not ideal but better than waiting for confused,annoyed and bewildered customer to ring in asking why are you paying me less now than my last payment…

    Inga Mycroft


    We’ve had a few cases affected in the way you’ve mentioned and have used the delete and re-input method to correct them. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for this new bug.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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