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    We have a slightly split opinion on this so thought I would open up to see general opinion is.

    Example = A customer was issued a claim form on 01.04.11,claim form wasn’t returned until 13.05.11 but in the claim form requests backdated benefit to 11.01.11.

    Good cause has been provided & backdated benefit awarded 17.01.11 to 16.05.11.

    I’m now reviewing the backdate award to ensure correct, and consider that as customer provided good cause for backdating that also covers the reason why did not return form within 1 month. So I consider we should be treating date of claim as 01.04.11 which means backdate should only be 17.01.11 to 04.04.11 & would have actual entitlement 04.04.11 onwards.

    Would that be how you would deal with it? Any thoughts/considerations appreciated


    But you didn’t receive a form until 13/5/11 so it would be a backdate either way. Taking away the January – April period what other way would you have to award benefit from April-May without it being a backdate?


    Sorry – I misread it first time round and see what you’re getting at now. I agree with you that the period from issuing the form can be treated as normal entitlement S)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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